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Hello, I'm a software developer focused on building resilient web apps. I share tools and knowledge I learn along the the way.


  • Interval Timer

    Keep track of work and rest periods during workouts.

    Interval Timer screenshot
  • TV Guide

    Find and save Movies and Tv shows to watch later. Get notified when new episodes air.

    TV Guide screenshot
  • iLandlord

    Keep track of income, bills, expenses and receipts with ease.

    iLandlord screenshot
  • Live Note

    Record audio notes and annoate them with timestamped images and descriptions.

    Live Note screenshot



VS Code

  • Super Code Generator icon

    Super Code Generator

    A powerful, fast, and scalable code generator that saves you time

  • CSS to JS Converter icon

    CSS to JS Converter

    Convert CSS to JS object

  • Google Search icon

    Google Search

    Search google from VS Code

  • Install NPM Packages icon

    Install NPM Packages

    Install and uninstall npm packages

  • Open Package JSON icon

    Open Package JSON

    Open package.json, no more, no less

  • Tenjo Theme icon

    Tenjo Theme

    Theme built on top of Material Design colors

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